Custom Size Prints

Photo labs only offer printing at standard sizes such as 6"×4" or 7"×5" but sometimes you want to print your photos at different dimensions or ratios. With OddPrints you choose any size and we send you prints ready to simply trim yourself.


"Non-standard" frames are very common.

You will often see frames for 4"×4", 3"×3", 2"×2", 4"×3", 4×4cm, 3×3cm etc. However, almost all printing labs only offer a smallest printing size of 6"×4". Printing at these sizes is very difficult because you have to understand print DPI, canvas sizes, exposure auto-correction problems.

OddPrints makes it easy.

Free option

OddPrints is free to use, you just download the image and print it at a standard size, or you can order prints directly from us. Either way, there are no nags/ads/watermarks or any other nonsense.